Three stars are assigned to the HOTEL COMPLEX!
The hotel complex of the category "Three stars" in the center of Rostov-on-Don!
Rostov-on-Don, Turgenevskaya, 32
8 800 250 29 41

Comfortable apartments for every taste!

Old Rostov is your best solution!
For more than 20 years we occupy a significant place among Rostov-on-Don hotels in the sphere of hotel services! And we know how to make rest of our guests as convenient and comfortable as possible.
  • Three stars
    Based on the decision №354/КЛ the hotel complex was awarded three stars! Certificate №550014090 from 25.04.2018 Take a look...
  • Check out our video tour
    We have prepared a video for you here. Evaluate the interior and advantages of the hotel complex "Old Rostov"! Watch...
  • Amazing breakfasts
    Continental breakfasts from Old Rostov are well known as a great beginning of your day!
  • Secure сar parking
    Right on the territory of the hotel complex there is a guarded parking lot and a car wash
  • Responsive staff
    Always and in every situation count on our staff, we will help you in any matter
  • Wireless Internet
    Free and fast wi-fi in the hotel complex for you. Passwords are at reception
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How can I get to?
Indeed, this can be a problem, especially as the answer must be obtained right now! Call +7 951 5 08 07 09 or use WhatsApp or Viber
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Quick feedback, traffic jams, availability of parking spaces and even the weather - all this information you can get from the administrator of "Old Rostov" through WhatsApp or Viber by phone +7 918 558 02 02!
Old Rostov - is:
A whole complex with a lot of opportunities for recreation and living, we have opportunities that will allow you to enjoy our city even in the most "non-flying" weather!
Tavern of "Old Rostov"
The Old Rostov restaurant is not just a restaurant, but a whole complex, which has collected an excellent Russian cuisine.
CALL: +7 (863) 262 55 64

A tavern is a place where you can not only eat well, but have a good rest in a quiet and cozy corner of Old Rostov.
Russian bath and Turkish sauna (hammam)
Russian bath and Turkish sauna with steam rooms, swimming pools, billiard room and rest rooms. In the Rostov-on-Don sauna of the hotel "Old Rostov" you can adequately mark the conclusion of a profitable transaction together with your business partners.

CALL: +7 (863) 262 53 56
  • Billiard tables
  • 2 swimming pools
  • Karaoke
  • Massage chairs
In the sauna you can always order food and drinks offered by the inn and the hotel bar.
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At your service there is a carefree country vacation without the city's hustle and bustle. In maximum comfort and harmony with nature
Rostov Region, h. Leninovan, Mikhail Saryan St., 3

CALL: +7 (863) 279 66 68
  • Cozy rooms
  • Huge pool for 400 000l
  • Barbecue, bar and cook-professional
  • A full-fledged children's playground
Over one hundred chaise lounges!
Cozy rooms of different categories are available at any time of the year, even in winter this place attracts by its distance from a noisy city, nature and clean air!
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    At the hall of Old Rostov
    CALL: +7 863 263 04 63
    Russian and Caucasian cuisine, smiling staff and drinks for every taste!
    Works 24h
    Well, you're almost there. As you know, placing with comfort far from home is not something you can find "very often". We look forward to your call, and we will be happy to help you!
    Hotel Complex
    "Old Rostov"
    8 800 250 29 41
    +7 951 508 07 09 ENGLISH ONLY

    Administrator: +7 (863) 269-83-30
    Administrator: +7 (863) 298-02-02
    WA/Viber/Telegram: +7 918 558 02 02
    Fax 262-52-94 | Bar 263-04-63 | Restaurant 262-55-64 | Russian sauna 269-84-50 | Turkish sauna 262-53-56
    Write to us by e-mail:

    Our address: 344002, Rostov-on-Don,
    ul. Turgenevskaya, 32
    Ladies and Gentlemen! Please familiarize yourself with the rules of accommodation in the hotel "Old Rostov"